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5/22/2023 4:01 pm  #1


Dear Unit Owner(s):
It has been brought to the Board’s attention that an individual is sending multiple emails to community members under an alias designed to be an official association communication.  Any communications from “WATER’S EDGE NEWS” or “” are being sent by a non-resident, non-owner without any affiliation with the Board.  We recommend reporting it as spam if you do not want to receive these unsolicited communications. For skylight owners, we do want to clarify the following: 

  • We have extended the timeline to making decisions regarding your skylights.  There is currently no specific deadline as we are working to answer all questions that skylight owners have.
  • Skylight owners have three options for their skylights –

    • Pay for NV roofing replace the skylight.
    • Have the HOA roof in your skylight at no expense to you.
    • Keep your skylight – you are welcome to do this and then have your own contractor replace the skylight when needed.

Please reach out to Kelly Lang at if you have questions.  You may also ask questions at the Board meeting at 6:30PM on Thursday, May 25.
The Water’s Edge Board of Directors


5/22/2023 4:06 pm  #2

Re: ***NOTICE***

Is this true? Who is this person?

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5/22/2023 5:08 pm  #3

Re: ***NOTICE***

Hi Karen1952.  This is an email from KPA that you posted here verbatim, and it is inaccurate.  They just don't want you to hear anything unless it agrees with what they want you to believe.  They are trying to board up the skylights or make a few individual unit owners pay a common expense.  Both of these are contrary to the Condominium Act and our governing documents.  That is what unit owners were promised when they bought their units and when they pay their monthly dues.  

What is next?  Is our association going to board up the swimming pool or turn maintenance of the siding, decks, porches and rear patios over to unit owners next?  That is not what was promised.  


5/23/2023 9:49 am  #4

Re: ***NOTICE***

This is causing me much confusion. Why would a non-resident, non-owner care about our skylights? Why would someone be impersonating a board member? Isn't that a crime?

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5/23/2023 10:38 am  #5

Re: ***NOTICE***

Dear Karen,

I am not a board member and I am not impersonating a board member.  My emails are critical of our board, so how could anyone think they are coming from the board?

I am a friend of a unit owner who is elderly and disabled.  Her condo association is not fixing a leak inside her living room.  I am helping her with that.  

I am also helping other unit owners who have big problems with the way our condo is being maintained.  Or not being maintained.  

KPA sent out an email yesterday trying to disparage this unit owner and me.  They are disparaging because we are trying to get the board to fix the leak in her unit, which they do not want to do.  

I am using a screen name online for the same reason you and many other people do: privacy.  

Do you have a skylight?  Do you have any maintenance problems the association is not taking care of?  Please let us know.



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